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We will open this section not with a book but with a Lesbian action adventure romance/police/thriller book series!


The Gun Series

by the Golden Crown Literary Award winner in General Fiction, 2007 Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award winner and best selling author Lori L. Lake.

This is book trilogy made of

Gun Shy: for some, the best book about police! A book of action and desire. – (They Meet, it’s not easy)
(US Book    –    UK Book) (Available in Paperback and Kindle)

Under The Gun: as good and at times better than the first book, Action, police strategy, love, adventure! (Complications)
(US Book    –    UK Book ) (Available in Paperback and Kindle)

Have Gun We’ll Travel: this third book is competent in completing the arc from romance to action suspense. Defined as a thrilling often chilling five star read! (Life is at risk)
(US Book    –    UK Book) (Available in Paperback and Kindle)


Gun Shy – Book I in the Gun Series.

Gun Shy - Lesbian action adventure fiction booksPolice officer Dez Relly captures a couple of rapists and saves two girls. One of the two girls is Jay, this is an electrifying encounter between Jay and Dez.

After this event, Jay, a lesbian in her mid 20s decides to become a police officer… Dez is eventually assigned as Jaylynn’s Field Training Officer ! Looks like Jay’s dream to get close to her hero is materialising. But Dez has rules, based on past experience… will she take a chance with Jay or will she remain forever gun shy?

Gun Shy - Lesbian action adventure fiction books

Reading this book you will enjoy multilayered characters, long and involved developments and changes; note that focus is on relationship-development rather than sex.

The book presents believable police work within a well crafted story. These 372 pages are presented with a nice flow. Overall an intense book with great characterisation and detail. An excellent book which made many readers hope for book 2 to come out ASAP! I have yet to see any negative review of this book.
A 5-Star page turner (US Book    –    UK Book) (Available in Paperback and Kindle)


Under The Gun – Book II in the Gun Series.( Second Edition)

This books picks up where the first book left. After being dispatched to a double homicide Jay needs Dez support but things get complicated when Dez’s nemesis reports our protagonists relationship and their commanding officer restricts them from riding together on patrol. Under The Gun - Lesbian action adventure fiction booksThings spiral off from here, Jay gets wounded, Dez is suspended… staying together may not be possible! Plenty to deal for Dez, Jay and the readers all while being under the gun.

Under The Gun is one of those rare cases where the sequel is just as good as (and probably better then) the first part. We could not get enough of Dez, the tough cop that tends to control her emotions up to the breaking point and Jay, the lively never embarrassed or afraid of her feelings.

Dez is in love with Jay and scared of losing her, especially as Jay is impulsive and puts herself in arm’s way. It is nice to get to know Dez more, understand why Jay is so important for to Dez. The writer well explores with detail both characters and their relationship.Under The Gun - Lesbian action adventure fiction books

Don’t want to say too much, don’t want to spoil it, but Dez goes through tough times, indeed she is suspended and needs to see a psychiatrist. Dez has love/pain/fear issues to resolve.

Jay is trying to resolve a murder mystery which together with other subplots makes the whole book very captivating. In fact the author adds competent realistic detail in our protagonists’s work and police professional life that everything feels real, believable, worth reading and getting stuck into.
Another 5-Star page turner  (US Book    –    UK Book ) (Available in Paperback and Kindle)


Have Gun We’ll Travel – Book III in The Gun Series

This third book in the series matures the passage from a more romance/drama beginning to a top notch action-suspense thriller.

Have Gun We Travel -  - Lesbian action adventure fiction booksDez and Jay finally take a break from work and go for a camping trip with friends. But no much romantic wood fires for our duo, instead they get caught in a dangerous twister when two escaped convicts, law enforcement, and Russian mobsters clash in the area. Jay is taken hostage and must use all her resources to stay alive. Can Dez catch up with the criminals, short-circuit the Russians, and save Jay?

The action never stops, page after page you are kept excited and totally immersed. Jay must use her wits to deal with the criminals, Dez her strength to hunt them down. You will feel Dez emotions, Have Gun We Travel - Lesbian action adventure fiction booksand you will push with her to do all she can to save Jay.

Multidimensional villains and continued development of Dez and Jay as characters will pleasure page after page.

This is of course the real action/adventure within the series and as a novel can stand on its own, but starting your journey with Dez and Jay right from the beginning with the first book will give you countless hours of emotional attachment with loveable and believable characters

In this third book you will find complex action that is nailed to the ground with believable detail.
A 5-star Action Scorcher (US Book    –    UK Book) (Available in Paperback and Kindle)




More hand picked selections will be added very soon, we do research and select good titles which takes some time. In the meanwhile please look at the suggestions in the search tool below, feel free to type in your own search-terms. Until next time…

Happy book hunting :)




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