Lesbian Fiction Books 1970s | Post-Stonewall

Lesbian Fiction Books 1970s – Best Post-Stonewall Lesbian Fiction.

After the Stonewall riots, the long process of change and progression was started. At the same time we can find ambition, change and innovation in a number of lesbian fiction books during the famous 1970s.


 Modern Times of Lesbian Fiction

The 1970s were important years in the history and progression of lesbian fiction books. This was the post- Stonewall era; lesbian fiction books 1970s is considered the modern times for lesbian fiction. Some argue that the best lesbian fiction books were written in the 70s

It was in 1970 that the first Gay Pride marches took place in US cities commemorating the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Today, Gay Pride events are held annually worldwide.

It was from the 1970s onwards that socially and politically gay and lesbian groups were founded and these organisations were effective in voicing their statements.


Was there a sudden change in Lesbian Fiction Content?

It was not a day/night change in terms of how the lesbian theme was treated in currently published lesbian fiction books. In the early lesbian fiction 1970s, being lesbian was exposed as being in a temporary phase; not only that but in lesbian books there were mainly unhappy endings!

The message, in many books, was: if you are homosexual you will  have a difficult life.

Taking a quick step forward, it was in fact in the 80s that the lesbian book ‘Annie on My Mind’ by Nancy Garden clearly presented homosexuality not as a phase but as permanent.


Notable books form ’1970s Lesbian Fiction’


Sappho was a Right on Woman – by Sidney Abbot -Paperback - Originally published in 1972

Sappho Was A Right On Woman Lesbian Fiction 1970s - Sappho Wa sA Right On Woman

A book dealing with the injustice experienced by women so far and what the future could bring with changes. Topics covered can still be relevant today


Lesbian/Woman – by Del Maring and Pjillis Lyon – published in 1972.

By many considered a classic.


Rubyfruit Jungle – the first novel by Rita Mae Brown – Published in 1973.

Notable for its content of explicit lesbianism in the early 1970s. Semi-autobiography of Brown’s young years. Some consider this book to be just another lesbian coming of age novel, but it was its success that renders the genre now at times cliché’


Loving Her – published in 1974 -

A lesbian novel about interracial lesbian relationship


Ruby – by Rosa Guy, published in 1976


Kinflicks – published in 1976 -

A lesbian book about coming out in 1950/1960s)


Lover – by  Bertha Harris -  published in 1976.

Postmodern prose, example of experimental narrative from possibly the Post-Stonewll most stylistically innovative writer.


Happy Endings Are All Alike – by Sandra Scoppettone – published in 1978

Two teenagers fall in love and when their secret is discovered they have to deal with hostile perception.




Lesbian Fiction Books 1970s – US Readers



Lesbian Fiction Books 1970s – UK Readers



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