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We kick off this Lesbian horror, vampire and supernatural section with a book from a multi award winning and popular author, Radclyffe writing as L.L. RAAND.

See Radclyffe US short biography and  Radclyffe Books UK or more specifically for this lesbian paranormal section L. L. RAAND US Books and L. L. RAAND UK Books


The Midnight Hunt (Midnight Hunters Series)

Lesbian vampire books The Midnight Hunt

Through 288 pages the book, first in a new series with the second book scheduled to come out in December 2011, takes us into an intense story with a lesbian werewolf-vampire twist, sex scenes and rich characters.

ER Doctor Ryon Drake  turns into a werewolf as consequence of a bite from an ER patient. Drake then falls for Alpha, the woman werewolf leader of her pack.

Of course things are not simple, Alpha is single by choice, she needs to bond with another werewolf and the fact she hasn’t chosen one yet creates turmoil in her pack.

But that’s not all, politically things are more complex as Alpha is also the leader of a coalition made of not just werewolves and vampires, the coalition is between five species, Werewolves, Vampires, Fae, Psi and Mages.

Lesbian vampire books The Midnight Hunt

All of this while someone is targeting the females weres trying to wipe our the werewolf population

There is plenty in the settings for this book for interesting developments in this new series, indeed the political aspect will surely develop further in the upcoming books.

We have seen a couple of not so good reviews but they are mainly based on some readers’ personal dislike or lack of interest in the more animalistic aspect of this werewolf-vampire story, especially during some sex scene.

Our recommendation is to actually give this book a go because it has potential to create a new fascinating series of books and Radclyffe usually delivers and satisfy most readers.

If you were on the look out for a fast paced story, with hard hitting topics while at the same time being hot and erotic and presenting other species not as hiding-in-the-dark creatures but politically active creatures this then may be the book for you.


This werewolf and vampire book, The Midnight Hunt, is available in both paperback and kindle ebook version:

The Midnight Hunt – Paperback – US Version
The Midnight Hunt – Paperback – UK Version

The Midnight Hunt – Kindle eBook – US Version
The Midnight Hunt – Kindle eBook - UK Version

Note that the new smaller, lighter, faster and affordable kindle was recently released in US and also for the UK Market (Kindle)

While the new Kindle Fire US is up for US pre-orders right now 

More hand picked selections will be added very soon, we do research and select good titles which takes some time. In the meanwhile please look at the suggestions below.

Until next time…
Happy book hunting :)


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  1. IReadOnline says:

    I have just ordered this book you suggested, sounds like it could be a good read :)

  2. IReadOnline says:

    Oh.. and I have bookmarked this other one from your featured books,


    Strawberry Panic: The Complete Novel Collection.

    That will be my first lesbian graphic novel :)

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