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Let’s start with a lesbian graphic novel illustrated by  Namuchi Takumi and authored by Sakurako Kimino

Strawberry Panic Complete Novel Collection

Strawberry Panic Complete Novel Collection

Strawberry Panic: The Complete Novel Collection (US)
includes the whole Strawberry Panic trilogy. Also available in UK

This complete collection can be bought for half the total price (US $Price) | (UK £Price) of the three novels added together (if bought individually), surely great value for money.

The novel is set in a girls’ school where new student Aoi Nagisa’s good intentions may get wiped away by the enchanting beauty of an honor student Hanazono Shizuma.

Nagisa does not know that Shizuma has broken many hearts before… will this love at first sight be any different for Shizuma? WIll Nagisa end up with a broken heart or capture Shizuma’s heart?

This collection has received good reviews from both readers and specialist press!

All in about 700 pages of good quality print and paper; the latest US edition is June 2011; the latest UK editionis from July 2011

Strawberry Panic DVD Movie

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Strawberry Panic DVD Movie US  and the import version in DVD Movie UK









More hand picked selections will be added very soon, we do research and select good titles which takes some time. In the meanwhile please look at the suggestions in the search tool below, feel free to type in your own search-terms. Until next time…

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