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We open this section of lesbian fiction in the Crime, Mystery and Thrillers genres with a fresh book from a debuting author:

Race Traitor is a book from a new talented and promising author, Elisa Hategan. The book, inspired by a true story, was released just few months ago, this is Elisa Hategan’s first novel!


Race Traitor

by Elisa Hategan

The author Elisa Hategan is a writer of poetry, fiction and critical writing. She is also a founding member of an online Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered Writers Group. (Elisa Hategan bio US and Elisa Hategan books UK)

Lesbian Thriller Book Race Traitor

The book Race Traitor is based on the author’s life experience and those who have gone through this book do agree it feels as real as it gets which renders it unique, gripping, disturbing and fascinating… because it feels so believable.

Lara Aslan is a 16 years old runaway and she finds new friends in a secretive group, Patriot Front. Well… let’s rephrase it, Lara falls prey to the recruiting tactics of a neo-Nazi organization. They feed her, watch her back and give her shelter at the home of infamous Holocaust denier Heinz Zimmer.

She is radically transformed, receives weapons training, combat training… moving towards becoming the perfect terrorist.

But it was a clash waiting to happen, a clash between the Patriot Front clandestine aims and Lara’s own buried secrets.

Lara decides to take action and with the help of a French journalist and a lesbian police officer, she starts to spy on the Patriot Front! Thinks only get deeper from there onwards. You won’t forget this book, it will stay with you for long time.

Lesbian Thriller Book Race Traitor

This book is a disturbing experience in the underground reality of home-grown terrorists, scary and real as many young people receive brain washing indoctrination by extremist groups in many locations around the world.

Would you do the same as Lara did if you realised those who were taking care of you were simply taking advantage of you for their own goals?

When she decides to change sides she finds allies in a district attorney and a tough female cop she falls in love with and a alcoholic leader of an anti-racist group. But her life is really in danger!

“Patriots” are now after her to kill her and she has to make use of the guerrilla training she received if she wants to survive.

The first half of the book focuses on the realistic journey of the young prey recruited by the Patriot Front, her road to become an important asset for this group then reality hits!

The second half of the book is more ‘action’ based… she goes into hiding, running away from Patriot-Killers, CIA and recent allies.

432 pages that are easy to turn, not a light read, but an intense and gripping one. A page turner that is easy to recommend.

Race Traitor is available as a paperback and Kindle eBook

Rate Traitor  - Paperback  - US version

Race Traitor – Paperback – UK version

Race Traitor – Kindle eBook – US version

Race Traitor – Kindle eBook – UK version

Note that the new smaller, lighter, faster and affordable kindle was recently released in US and also for the UK Market (Kindle)

While the new Kindle Fire USis up for US pre-orders right now 


More hand picked selections will be added very soon, we do research and select good titles which takes some time. In the meanwhile please look at the suggestions in the boxes below. Until next time…

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