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The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us (Second Edition)

by Felice Newman

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, lesbian nonfictionAs the title suggests, this is a fairly comprehensive sex guide for lesbians and lesbian lifestyles. Actually not only for lesbians but bisexual readers too, of different age, single or couples, transgendered, new to lesbian sex.

The book offers information, advice, on a number of topics including where to find partners, G-spot stimulation, oral sex, vaginal fisting, dildos, anal sex, latex, cybersex, leather, high heels, tattoos and other fetishes, coverage of safe sex, understanding what you want form a relationship.

This post will be actually quite short because our recommendation for this book is simple

If you are experienced in lesbian sex and relationships and have explored some

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, Lesbian nonfictionfetish interests… well there may not be much for you in this book. It may cover a few things you need help with of have not yet explored or understood. Depending on your personal experienced as someone not new to lesbian sex and lifestyle this book may be a 2 or 3 Stars for you.

If you are thinking about coming out or you have just come out, if you are fairly new to lesbian sex and relationships, or if you simply want to know more about lesbian sex as a non lesbian then this book will have plenty of information for you and to you this could be a 4 stars book (out of 5)

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book:
- Paperback US version
- Paperback UK version

- Kindle eBook US version
- Kindle eBook UK version
Note that the new smaller, lighter, faster and affordable kindle was recently released in US and also for the UK Market (Kindle)

While the new Kindle Fire US is up for US pre-orders right now 

 Lesbian NonFiction for US readers

Lesbian NonFiction for UK readers

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