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Gentle Cruelty (Lesbian Poetry) [Kindle Edition]

by Neona Lee  (US Kindle Edition ———- UK Kindle Edition)

Gentle Cruelty, Lesbian Poetry, Kindle


Most of the contemporary lesbian poems in this collection have an erotic content and some describe in detail the author’s own sexual encounters with other women.

There is plenty of emotional charge in these poems, some have explicit content and can be arousing. Overall these poems will switch on your imagination and surely there is room for personal interpretation.

The author calls on topics like breakups, lesbian romance, same sex marriage, love, lust, faith, relationships.

Gentle Cruelty, Lesbian Poetry, Kindle


Neona Lee is not afraid to write about her submissive side, excitement and sexual stimulation through physical pain, and exploring alternative ways to achieve sexual satisfaction.

This is as real as it is inspiring and honest.

Also as a Kindle edition it is not expensive at all, indeed for the quality of content and the low price this surely is a

A 5-Star must read.  



Note that the new smaller, lighter, faster and affordable kindle was recently released in US and also for the UK Market (Kindle)

While the new Kindle Fire US is up for US pre-orders right now 

 Lesbian Poetry for US Readers

Lesbian Poetry for UK Readers

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