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We are going to start this section with two Lesbian Romance Suspense Books recommendations; these are good titles.

The first one is actually a Trilogy offered at bargain bundle price but this is not second class discount content, The Secret Keeping (one of the three books int he trilogy was a LAMBDA Notable book, a IPPY bronze medalist and a Goldie Award finalist! The actual trilogy, The Secret Trilogy, had a Ferro/Grumley prize in fiction nomination, The Secret Trilogy US
and The Secret Trilogy UK

The second book, Shield of Justice, is a first class suspense novel with frequent hot sex, strong characters and great ending. The author of this book has won many awards.


Both romance books are available in paperback and Kindle eBook edition. By the way the new smaller, lighter, faster and affordable kindle was recently released in US and also for the UK Market (Kindle)

While the new Kindle Fire US is up for US pre-orders right now 

The Secret Trilogy: Three Novels… One Epic Love Story

Lesbian Romance Books TheSecret Trilogy

This trilogy includes The Secret Keeping, Fortune Is and The Stolen Kiss from bestselling author Francine Saint Marie (US Bio and BooksUK Bio and Books)

It is and original and unique work, a real page turner, keep faith in the author and by the end of the three books you will have enjoyed a substantial reading with depth, great characters and interesting events.

Most readers like the first book the most but the whole novel is good, that is why you will be better off buying the trilogy instead buying the three books individually.

We don’t want to say too much and spoil the story, but overall is a huge love story written with intelligence. There are two main characters Lydia Beaumont (Corporate Finance) which becomes fascinated by the second character Dr. Helaine Kristnson. Supporting characters are also present with substance.


Lesbian Romance Books The Secret Trilogy

Plenty of action, conflicting emotions… varied point of views, changes in pace and tones. The whole trilogy is a worthwhile journey through intense feelings, cerebral situations, all smart, unique and engaging.

The third book takes you towards a more romance-thriller/Love story mix.


The Trilogy is even offered in three versions, almost no excuses for not buying this book.


There is the standard paperback with 628 pages, US Version and UK Version

Alternatively a Smaller Print Larger Format slightly cheaper version, same content but in 438 pages which again comes in US Version
and UK Version

Finally The Secret Trilogy eBook version for Kindle which is really cheap for a trilogy. The Secret Trilogy Kindle US Version
and The Secret Trilogy eBook Kindle UK Version


New kindle released in US and also New kindle released in UK

Pre order Kindle Fire US  



 Shield of Justice

Shield Of Justice US

Shield O fJustice UK

by Radclyffe

Radclyffe US Bio
Radclyffe Books UK

Radclyffe is an eight times Lambda Literary Award finalist (romance, erotica, mystery, romance). Also a RWA/FF&P winner, IPPY winner among other wins/titles.

Shield of Justice, first book in the Justice Series,  introduces us to Detective Rebecca Frye from Special Crime Unit. Rebecca is investigating a series of sexual assaults. Rebecca needs the help of Dr. Catherine Rawling psychiatrist to a victim/witness. Over the course of 216 pages the two become reluctant allies and grow in mutual attraction.

This book received a number of good reviews and most agree this is a top example of suspense/thriller with hot sex and terrific ending Some say the sex scenes are a bit clinical others love everything about this book. We say there is a great blend of the sexy and the frightening. A page turner

Shield of Justice – Paperback – US

Shield of Justice – Paperback – UK

Shield of Justice eBooks Kindle Edition – US

Shield of Justice eBooks Kindle Edition – UK



More hand picked selections will be added very soon, we do research and select good titles which takes some time. In the meanwhile please look at the suggestions in the search tool below, feel free to type in your own search-terms. Until next time…

Happy book hunting :)








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