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Not that many Lesbian Science Fiction books around, not that many that are good, but this one you will be happy to read :)


The Gunfighter and The Gear-Head

by Cassandra Duffy

This book is from an emerging writer in lesbian literature, so far only recently published a handful of short story collections which have been well received. The book we are looking at now is her first full length novel and we need to look out for this author, she will surely become popular.

The Gu nFighter And The Gear Head, Lesbian Science Fiction BooksThe Gunfighter and The Gear-Head is a science fiction novel with interesting settings. A massive alien invasion brought humanity on the edge of extermination and unable to match the aliens high-tech the humans decide to bet their existence on their physical strength.

Their last hope is based on using an electromagnetic-pulse to wipe out all technology on the planet, including the aliens’ higher tech. This will put things back in time in a way, using pre-industrial weapons of war… the surviving humans fought back!

A few years later, Gleo, possibly the last pilot on earth, was shot down and she finds herself in the post apocalyptic old town to Tombstone. Here Gleo and Fiona meet. Romance starts but things are not smooth dues to Fiona’s mysterious past catching up.

The Gun Fighter And The Gear Head - Lesbian Science Fiction BookSky-captain Gleo and her felt of steam-powered dirigibles are humanity’s best chance to turn the tide of the war, but only Fiona can protect her from blind cultists, jealous ex-girlfriends and a town of troubled cowboys.

So we have a wild west theme, a steam punk background, a steam punk pilot, a gunfighter, interesting characters fighting for their survival against aliens, aliens that are stranded on our planet (electromagnetic pulse rendered their flying tech useless) and now fight for their own survival let alone conquest… Surely sounds good for any reader to stick your teeth into!

There is more going on of course… but I hate spoilers! :)


The novel is well written, there is some humor, full length book… and oh!… I could only find the Kindle edition which is really cheap for a cool book like this.

5 Stars for this new young writer 



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Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy US readers

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